in my mind, there is only eternal beauty. unter We Heart It.


I understand that some of you guys don’t like The Fault In Our Stars but a lot of us have had very emotional and deep feelings while reading this book and seeing the trailers. We love John Green and the whole story and all the characters so I simply don’t understand why you are trying to ruin that for the rest of us by talking shit about a book that most of you haven’t even read.

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No one really knows who I am actually.Nobody knows what’s really in my heart and mind.How much at some point I want to end it all.How much I want to kill myself.How much I would love to just disappear and all this saddness  to go away


Разбавляю этот серый вечер яркими красками и вкусными витаминами)надеюсь вы сейчас отдыхаете с друзьями или близкими,а не тухните дома,как я^^ #sun #orange #inspiration #vscocam #vsco #vscoinspiration #home #tasty #kitchen #evening #alone